Why Stretching Is So Important

DEC 2020
Why Stretching Is So Important
Why Stretching Is So Important

You may be aware that people have the habit of working out in the morning or performing yoga. They follow it religiously. Do you know why? Yes, obviously to keep the body fit and healthy. But the main thing is, by exercising and doing yoga, you are relieving the stiffness of the muscles and improving the range of muscles. This ensures that your body remains flexible. So stretching your muscles is one of the best things that you can do to ensure that there is no stiffness in your joints, supporting ligaments, or muscles.

Why Do You Think Stretching Is Important?

There are many reasons that explain why stretching your body parts at regular intervals is important. Let’s check them out one by one.

#1 Stretching Helps You In Increasing The Flexibility Of Your Muscles:

Why Stretching Is So Important

With regular stretching exercises, you can remove the stickiness from the muscles on a routine basis. If the stiffness in the muscles is not eliminated within the stipulated time, it will be the major reason for discomfort and pain during old age. During old age, you won’t have to suffer from muscle immobility issues if you have taken measures at an early stage. With improved body flexibility you can easily perform your daily activities without causing strain to your muscles.

#2 You Can Improve The Flow Of Your Fluids In Your Body:

While performing stretching exercises, you are ensuring that all the muscles feel relaxed. Moreover, by stretching the flow of fluids in you can reach out to all the muscles without any hindrances. If the muscles are stiff, the fluids find it difficult to reach those tissues. When the blood circulation in the body is improved it can increase the level of oxygen to your muscles, which can shorten your recovery time and reduce muscle soreness.

#3 Stretching Exercises Helps In Improving The Body Posture:

Why Stretching Is So Important

When you’re not performing regular exercises such as aerobics or yoga or stretching of the muscles, within a few months you would find it difficult to perform your daily tasks such as standing straight or sitting without feeling any discomfort or pain. This will lead to poor posture. According to the experts, it was revealed that when you stretch specific muscle groups, it can help in reducing musculoskeletal pain and encourage proper alignment. And this in turn will help in improving your posture.

#4 Stretching Helps In Healing Musculoskeletal Pain:

Stiff and tight muscles decrease the range of motion of the muscles. When the stiffness increases it leads to pain and discomfort such as backaches, neck ache, or shoulder pain. When you start stretching your body muscles it will help you to heal all the musculoskeletal pain and injury. When you religiously follow the stretching routine, it will help you in preventing future back pain by strengthening your back muscles and reducing your risk for muscle strain.

#5 Stretching Exercises Are Great For Relieving Stress:

When you feel stressed out, 90% chances are that it is due to the increase in the stiffness of the muscles. The unmoved muscles tighten up when you are feeling emotional or mental stress. Thus stress gets to hold up in the large muscles such as the shoulders, upper back, and neck. So you must stretch out those muscles to remove the stress and feel relaxed.

Stretching is no doubt beneficial for the body but you must ensure that you are maintaining safety.
You must follow these safety tips while performing stretching exercises.

When you are suffering from an acute or existing injury, you must only perform body stretches that your doctor recommends.

If you are suffering from a chronic or nagging injury, you must consult your chiropractor or physical therapist to design a stretching protocol that fits your needs.

Suppose you are having any sort of physical limitations that prevent you from properly performing a stretching exercise, consult your therapist. They would suggest alternative exercises that can help in increasing your flexibility.


Stretching is beneficial for the body muscles as it keeps them flexible, strong, and healthy. This flexibility of muscles helps to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Without proper muscle flexibility, the muscles shorten and become tight, which might lead to musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. So make sure you are performing stretching exercises regularly.