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Posture Tips While Working From Home
Posture Tips While Working From Home

Almost everywhere, when people work in their offices, they have a proper desk, a chair which is properly set to match the height of the screen, and a proper distance maintained from the screen. You just have to sit and work and take regular breaks, stretching out your arms and legs. Due to the COVID-19 virus, though, people are asked to strictly follow the guidelines of social distancing, and most employees seem to be working from home. Even children have been asked to attend online classes through the comfort of their own homes.

At home most people are having to choose to work from sofas, beds, kitchen tables, or even the floor. People are just slouching anywhere and everywhere! If you are not taking preventive measures, there is a chance that you might develop pain in the neck or back.

So how can you maintain the right posture even when you are working from home?

Get A Work Table And Chair: 

Instead of slouching on sofas and beds, it would be better for you to work at a proper table, sitting in an office chair. In this way, you’re able to maintain a knee/foot distance and also get support to your back. Moreover, you should observe that your productivity increases by maintaining proper posture.

Maintaining Proper Distance From The Laptop Screen/Monitor Screen: 

Position your laptop in such a way that the top of the screen is level with your eye height. If you don’t have a laptop riser, use a file box or some books to raise your laptop. Or plug in a separate monitor if you have one.

Take Regular Breaks And Move Around: 

When you are taking breaks, eat something healthy and light which can give you strength rather than cause lethargy. Besides this, you can stretch your arms and legs to relax your muscles and release built-up stress. Most healthcare professionals state that after every hour you should try to lie flat on the ground with your legs at a 90-degree angle to stretch the muscles in your back. Also, go for a short walk in a garden area. A quick walk can help you refresh your mind.

Check Your Position While Sitting On The Chair:

Most people do not maintain good posture even when sitting on a chair. They just bend too much over the keyboard! This is a completely wrong way to sit as it increases pressure on the shoulders, neck, and back. So, while sitting, keep your back supported on the chair and sit straight by maintaining a good level with the laptop or monitor screen.

You Must Not Get Fixed In One Position For Too Long:

Always keep changing your position so there is no pressure on any particular body part for too long.

What Are The Benefits Of Maintaining Good Body Posture?

Here are some benefits of maintaining good posture:

  • Maintaining good posture helps in preventing musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Good posture does not let you develop a ‘tech-neck’ i.e., head down, back-bent slouching position and shoulders forward-leaning.
  • If body parts are properly aligned to one another and not slouched, this improves blood circulation in the body.
  • Having a good body posture helps in decreasing back and neck pains.
  • With good posture, you can easily burn calories.

What Are The Mental Benefits Of Attaining A Good Posture While Working From Home? 

  • Maintaining good posture increases work efficiency and productivity.
  • It helps in enhancing mental alertness so that you can completely focus on your work and not get distracted.
  • Having good posture also helps in reducing mental fatigue and boosting your energy level(s).


You’ve just read some essential tips that you can adopt while working from home. Maintaining good posture won’t require too much of an effort. Just think about how you’re sitting, adjust accordingly, and everything else should fall into place.

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