How Chiropractic Treatment Helps Sciatica

DEC 2020
How Chiropractic Treatment Helps Sciatica
How Chiropractic Treatment Helps Sciatica

Millions of people are suffering from Sciatica every year. When you start experiencing sharp shooting pain in the lower back and the lower parts of your legs then you must not delay it and consult your chiropractors. By paying your visit to the chiropractors, you can easily determine whether you are suffering from sciatica or not.

What Do You Mean By Sciatica?

Sciatica is a pain that causes pain in the sciatic. It is the longest nerve that runs from the buttock to the toes. The nerve can feel extreme pain whenever it gets trapped in between the muscles, supporting tensions, disc herniation, or piriformis syndrome. Some of the symptoms of this pain are:

The pain keeps worsening in the legs while sitting or standing.

You feel the tingling or burning pain in the lower leg.

You might feel that your entire leg has gone numb. You feel weakness or difficulties in moving the foot.

You experience consistent pain on one side of your lower back.

While you are standing up, the severity of the pain increases and makes it intolerable.

What Can Be The Common Causes Of Sciatica?

Well, there can be numerous ways in which sciatica can be caused. It depends on a person’s health and lifestyle. But some of the common causes that lead to sciatica are:

Suffering from spinal stenosis can cause sciatica, as it will narrow down the spinal canal in the lower back.
If you are having issues with a degenerative disc, then it will affect the discs that cushion the vertebrae.

Sciatica can also occur when one vertebra of the spinal cord slips forward over another one.

Pregnancy- Well, this is common as the mother’s body has to bear the weight of the baby which can add a severe strain on the spine.

So now that you know what are the different symptoms and causes of sciatica, let’s understand how chiropractors can treat sciatica.

How do Chiropractic Care/ Treatments help In Fixing Sciatica?

How Chiropractic Treatment Helps Sciatica

According to the survey, it was found that with the help of chiropractic treatment, sciatica can be cured. Chiropractic treatment is quite effective as it focuses on healing the body in a natural way without the use of any drugs or medication. This means that it is the best treatment for sciatica for pregnant women or patients who do not wish to get into surgery. For treating sciatica chiropractors may suggest different types of methods. But before making the final decision, the chiropractors will conduct a physical examination of the body and perform some tests. It will help them in understanding the actual cause of sciatica and what treatment would be better for you. They can combine various treatments or just prefer to go with one. It depends on the analysis of the tests. Some of the different chiropractic treatment for sciatica are:

Spinal Adjustments:

How Chiropractic Treatment Helps Sciatica

Well, chiropractors are highly qualified and trained professionals who would help you to get rid of sciatica by realigning the spine. This method is commonly known as spinal manipulation or adjustments. With spinal manipulation, the chiropractors would relieve the tensed muscles and improve the movement of the supporting ligaments and tendons. This treatment helps in bringing the body back into its proper alignment so that it functions better and more effectively. Moreover, spinal adjustment is effective in reducing the pain that is associated with nerve inflammation.

Chiropractic Treatment – Ultrasound:

In this method, you would be experiencing very mild heat in the affected muscles. This heat is generated by sound waves at a frequency that is beyond human hearing. It will penetrate the affected tissues and stimulate circulation and aids in reducing muscle spasms, stiffness, swelling, pain, and cramping.

Ice or Cold Therapy:

In this chiropractic therapy, you can help to reduce and control the pain of sciatica, as well as reduce inflammation.

Chiropractic Treatment – TENS:

By TENS it means, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is chiropractic therapy that helps in treating musculoskeletal pain by employing a TENS unit. The treatment makes use of a small battery-powered, portable box that stimulates the muscles. The electric current that passes through the body at variable intensities helps in controlling the pain and reduce the occurrence of muscle spasms.


Chiropractic treatment is the best way to get rid of sciatica. Chiropractors would not just treat the pain but also suggest you regarding a healthy diet and recommend the right exercises that will help in faster recovery and prevent the pain to reoccur.