6 Chronic Conditions That Are Treatable With Chiropractic Care

SEP 2022
6 Chronic Conditions That Are Treatable With Chiropractic Care
Chronic Conditions

Your ability to go about your everyday business and carry out specific tasks may get hampered if you experience chronic pain. You could believe that your two choices are to saturate your body with medication or put up with the discomfort and try to “tough it out.” Why not get chiropractic care to deal with or eliminate chronic conditions? Experts recommend chiropractic treatment to eliminate chronic issues. The treatment is safe and effective and does not involve surgery. Moreover, you do not need any prescribed medicines for it.

Chronic Conditions A Chiropractor Can Treat 

Have you been dealing with aches and pains in various parts of your body lately? Here are some conditions that are treatable with chiropractic care…

#1 Neck Pain

#1 Neck pain

Your neck ache may be relieved with chiropractic care. Chiropractors are qualified to thoroughly examine the muscles and joints in your neck and identify the underlying reason for your pain.

A standard evaluation examines the neck’s range of motion, the surrounding muscles’ stiffness and any damaged nerves.

Depending on the issue, treatment involves stretching exercises, treating the muscles around the neck or moving the neck joints. All this is possible with spinal manipulation or mobilization.

#2 Whiplash

Your back and neck get negatively impacted by whiplash. Your muscles and ligaments may get slightly stretched due to whiplash, which can cause neck or low back pain. According to some research, 80% of people report neck pain following a car accident.

Chiropractors provide helpful treatment for whiplash and other injuries sustained during car accidents.

#3 Pregnancy Pain

Your body changes, moves and develops in a major way during the pregnancy phase. Frequent aches and pains caused by these changes typically happen in the low back and pelvic areas.

Chiropractic professionals are familiar with the changes that occur during pregnancy and how they may impact your back and pelvis. They can work on your pelvis and low back to provide pain relief and help keep you active throughout your pregnancy!

#4 Back Pain

#4 Back pain

We must keep in mind that the spine governs the entire body. Whenever it is out of alignment, your general health may be negatively impacted. Back pain can go away after a chiropractor adjusts your spine. That pain may also be caused by nerve impingement, a muscle strain from poor posture or other reasons, all of which a chiropractor can address.

By doing some manipulations or adjustments in addition to some manual therapy to reduce your discomfort, chiropractors can relieve back pain.

#5 Headaches

It’s crucial to work with your primary care physician and your chiropractor if headaches are interfering with your daily life– you want to ensure there isn’t a severe underlying disease.

According to studies, chiropractic adjustments are particularly effective in treating migraines. These headaches can be debilitating and result in lost time at work, as anyone who has experienced them knows. They can also make you miserable.

Chiropractic care can treat headaches, including migraines, caused by spine-related issues.

#6 Knee Pain

A chiropractor’s treatment for knee discomfort may resemble a physiotherapy regimen. The chiropractor will examine the knee and its movements. Based on their test results, they will offer strengthening and stretching exercises as part of a treatment plan to promote healing.

The course of treatment may change slightly if the knee discomfort is due to a recent operation.

A chiropractor is qualified to handle any musculoskeletal ailment due to their training and equipment.


Chiropractic care takes a holistic approach to address your pain. If you’re dealing with any of the aforementioned chronic conditions and want some relief, consider chiropractic care. Call New Tampa Chiropractic & Injury Center at 813-994-6111 with your questions or to schedule an appointment.