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5 Reasons Your Posture Is Your Reason For Back Pain

APR 2020
5 Reasons Your Posture Is Your Reason For Back Pain
5 Reasons Your Posture Is Your Reason For Back Pain

Do you agree that many of us experience back pain sometime in our lives? It may be the result of a sports-associated fracture, a mishap, or a hereditary disorder such as scoliosis. Yet, most of the time, upper or lower back pain develops throughout the routines of daily life. Monotonous events at the office or house, like sitting at a computer or lifting and transporting boxes, may generate pressure as well as muscle stiffness that leads to a backache. One solution to avoiding back pain is to enhance your overall posture.

Here are 5 reasons that your posture is your reason for back pain:

1. Genetics and hereditary factors

Your parents have back pain… and you’ve got back pain. It could be genetic. You might have inherited the likelihood of having back pain for whatever hereditary reason. You can discuss this with your Wesley Chapel chiropractor at New Tampa Chiropractic.

2. Fracture and muscle spasms

After a fracture, adjoining muscles go into spasm as a process of shielding the susceptible part. Although muscle spasms can constrict your actions and lead to aching, they also help keep your damaged area steady and safe from more injuries/hazards.

The trouble is this: muscles that spasm start to deteriorate gradually. The subsequent disproportion among muscles can result in deviations in body posture. Want muscle spasm relief? Massage and chiropractor physical therapy help.

3. Shoe options and the manner you wear them

The shoes you wear can affect posture. Heels, for example, toss your body weight frontward which can simply hurl your spine into misalignment over time.

When you wear down shoes over time, you will not walk properly– bad posture and awkward pressure on joints and the spine can lead to ankle, knee and hip pain, etc.

4. Your use of gadgets and your posture

Your use of devices such as computers and smartphones can put your body into awkward positions. If you text persistently, you may develop “text neck,” which is a state in which your neck is held in excessive flexion, or frontward bending, for too long. This may result in discomfort.

5. Day-to-day practices can cause bad posture

If you get lazy and don’t think too much about your posture, your body will often dictate your posture… and you can experience muscle contraction, faintness, pressure and/or disproportion amid muscle groups as a result.

If you’d like help improving your posture, make an appointment at New Tampa Chiropractic by calling 813-994-6111. New Tampa Chiropractic is located at 2312 Crestover Lane, Ste. 102, Wesley Chapel, FL 33544.

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