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What’s A Spinal Subluxation, And How Can A Chiropractor Help?

APR 2022
What’s A Spinal Subluxation, And How Can A Chiropractor Help?
Spine Subluxation

There will always be an increase in the number of people suffering chronic pain in the spinal region of their body due to daily performances that require a lot of standing, sitting, walking, bending or lifting heavy objects. About 54% of adults in America have had back and neck pain, and they have usually suffered with it quietly for months if not years! Chiropractic care for spinal subluxation is the best option for reducing such pain and bringing relief to patients suffering from it. Spinal subluxations are often accompanied by many symptoms that you can easily detect, such as chronic pain, inflammation, muscle tenderness, loss of feeling, poor movement, muscle tenderness and numbness in the impacted regions.

What Is A Spinal Subluxation?

Spinal Subluxation

A spinal subluxation is an incorrect alignment of the vertebrae inside the spinal structures– they’re not in their right position(s). When you have poorly aligned vertebrae, you will experience pressure mounted forcefully on the roots of your nervous system. These nerves are often located within the spine and may not function properly when pressure is on them.

In medical terms, subluxation is referred to as a slightly unusual separation of the joints of the articular anatomy. Chiropractors view spinal subluxation a little differently. “Subluxation” is used to describe the change in position of the vertebrae and an indefinite loss of functions that determines a point for spinal manipulation. The difference between the two terms is that chiropractors include a detailed function as being a change of physiological and biochemical mechanics of connecting parts that can lead to nerve disturbances.

Common Symptoms Of Spinal Subluxation

Even though symptoms of spinal subluxation are easy to point out, you may still mix it up with other health conditions. Generally, common symptoms of a subluxation include chronic pain in a person’s back and/or neck along with headaches and a limited range of motion.

Common Causes Of Spinal Subluxation

Spinal subluxation can occur differently from person to person. That said, it is commonly brought on by trauma. Some causes of trauma are described either as major or micro. Major trauma is caused by long-term illnesses, accidents or injury. Micro trauma is caused by daily developed habits, such as having a bad sleeping posture (sleeping on the arm, stomach), staring down at your personal computer for an extended period of time or wearing a huge and heavy bag on either side of your body. All these things can trigger the conditions for spinal subluxation.

Another cause of spinal subluxation that is common in many cases is stress. It has been said that stress is emphasized by a strong feeling of anxiety. This anxiety brings about nervous tensions in the body, specifically in the upper back and neck region. The muscles become very tight when impacted by stress, leading to subluxation. Wherever the muscle is not loosened, the individual undergoing stress will experience stiffness around the joints and most likely poor mobility as well.

How Chiropractors Help Treat Spinal Subluxation

Chiropractors Treating  Spinal Subluxation.

A chiropractor is a trained and professionally certified practitioner in the chiropractic field. They may not be medical doctors or hold the same functions, but they can diagnose problems connected to bones, joints, spines or muscles, treating spinal subluxation through the utilization of various chiropractic techniques such as spinal manipulations, toggle drop adjustments, motion palpation and spinal adjustment using mechanical pieces of equipment to correct poor alignment.

Chiropractic adjustment improves the range of flexibility and general function(s) of the spine. Your chiropractor can also give you advice on daily habits to avoid and suggest some routine exercises to help you maintain good health, even after you have completed spinal adjustment treatment for subluxation.


Chiropractic therapy can handle pain-related issues when it comes to joints, muscles and the spine. Chiropractors use spinal adjustment methods, which are natural treatments, to address misalignment in the nerves and ensure functionality recovery. If you have symptoms of spinal subluxation, make an appointment at New Tampa Chiropractic & Injury Center in Wesley Chapel, FL, by calling 813-994-6111.

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