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What Is A Chiropractor Going To Do For My Leg Pain?

JUL 2021
What Is A Chiropractor Going To Do For My Leg Pain?
chiropractic therapy for leg

Leg pain is usually not taken seriously by many of us. If you have slight leg pain, then you would generally ignore it and focus on your daily routine. You mistakenly assume that it will heal on its own. But that is not always the case. With time, pain in the leg might keep increasing and will not allow you to carry out your daily routine tasks! The leg pain might also be accompanied by stiffness and make it difficult for you to carry on further. Leg pain can vary from individual to individual — some people experience pain in the back of the leg, whereas some feel pain and stiffness in the front of the legs. Leg pain can also feel as if it is starting all the way from the lower back portion of your body– this is called the sciatica condition.

Many people try to cure the issue of pain and stiffness of the leg muscles with medicines. But pain-relieving medications are not 100 percent effective– they will only mask the pain, but the stiffness remains. Instead of using pills for pain, visit a chiropractor who can holistically treat musculoskeletal pain and help you gain back the normal functioning of your body.

Basically, there are three different types of leg pain that require different chiropractic treatment methods… 

1. Musculoskeletal Leg Pain

Leg pain treatment

With this type of leg pain, people suffer from pain due to the misalignment of the musculoskeletal components, such as the bones, ligaments, muscles, tissues, and tendons. Generally, musculoskeletal pain occurs due to accidents, a fracturing of the bones, tearing of the muscles, overuse of the muscles, and various other issues. This type of leg pain can be easily cured by chiropractic adjustments.

2. Neurological Leg Pain

Another type of leg pain is neurological leg pain. It basically refers to leg pain that occurs due to the compression or pinching of the body’s nerves. Some of the reasons behind neurological leg pain are restless leg(s) syndrome, neuropathy (nerve damage), or sciatic nerve pain.

3. Vascular Leg Pain

Vascular leg pain is a specific condition of the body that directly has an impact on the blood vessels and leads to serious leg pain.

All the different types of leg pain can be cured or treated by different chiropractic therapies.

In What Ways Can Chiropractors Treat Leg Pain?

Chiropractors treat leg pain

Chiropractic care or treatment is quite helpful in treating different types of leg pain explained earlier. With chiropractic adjustments, chiropractors focus on reducing pain and inflammation and this, in turn, will help in reducing swelling. Expect a physical examination and possibly an X-ray of the affected area, and, based on the results, a chiropractor can determine the treatment process. Chiropractic treatment is customized according to the health condition of the patient and how well they would be able to undergo treatment procedures. Besides this, the chiropractor would also suggest some exercises and diet plans, which will be a great support for the ongoing treatment– and even after treatment ends.

Chiropractic treatment refers to the hands-on approach that can include spine manipulation, hot/cold therapies, massage, dietary changes, and regular exercise. A chiropractor focuses on eliminating the root cause of your problem and helps you to improve your overall health.


Got bad leg pain? See a chiropractor. He or she can use non-invasive techniques to relieve that leg pain so you feel better over time.

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