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FEB 2020
Tips To Overcome Back Pain
Tips To Overcome Back Pain

Back pain has many names, doesn’t it? You might hear someone say they have a spasm, muscle pull, muscle tear or some other issue. Back pain, according to a well-known doctor, is the degeneration of the spine when you overwork yourself.

Exercise can help build up back muscles so the back doesn’t hurt… by “working out” the back muscles, you’re helping support your spine to keep it devoid of pulls, cramps or pain. That said, sometimes people with back pain don’t want to exercise because it hurts too much. Besides exercise, having a healthy diet and good posture can help keep the body in good shape and ultimately decrease a person’s back pain.

What are some tips to overcome back pain?

Keep weight in check:

A healthy weight will do your back a world of good. Those additional pounds that you gain put stress on your whole body including your back. Eating healthy foods including fruits and vegetables can help keep your weight in check.

Strong back muscles:

It’s good to develop strong back muscles, but sometimes people do more harm than good when trying to achieve them… For instance, a person who uses machines and weights at a gym to try to get stronger could be, in fact, causing themselves pain if they’re not “lifting” correctly. That said, developing strong(er) back muscles is a good thing, when done properly. Stronger muscles give the back (and body) the power to withstand stressful situations better.

Stretch to release stiffness in joints:

Many people exercise without stretching first, and that’s not good! Stretching before attempting any exercise is important– you need to stretch your muscles to keep your back out of trouble. Stretch before doing any exercise and stretch before going to bed. Note: some have said that yoga is the best form of stretching exercise.

Good posture:

Focus on good posture when the body is at ease in a way that your body is erect when seated and not slumped in the chair,. A “bent” back will probably be in pain, but one that’s kept “straight up” won’t. Be aware of hunched shoulders which are a sign of weak posture.

Wrapping Up:

When lifting heavy items or loads, be careful not to be bent at the back while lifting– instead, bend at the knees and keep the item(s) close to your body. Ensure that you do not twist your body.

If you do have ongoing back pain and need relief, make an appointment at New Tampa Chiropractic and Injury Center by calling 813-994-6111.

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