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Shoulder & Neck Stretches To Do At Your Work Desk

APR 2020
Shoulder & Neck Stretches To Do At Your Work Desk
Shoulder & Neck Stretches To Do At Your Work Desk

Have your experienced shoulder and/or neck aches while doing your job at a workstation or work desk? Pain can definitely occur once we sit down for an extended period of time and plenty of us spend more than 7 hours daily doing just that! Soreness and discomfort can make us more upset… and less productive. How are you supposed to work when you hurt? You end up taking more and more breaks and/or days off due to muscle, joint and bone issues, right?

Here are some helpful shoulder and neck stretches– specifically intended for you to do at your desk– to help alleviate the tension of sitting too much. The truth is that most of us sit excessively, particularly at our desks. It’s easy to become obese because of this; We also deal with back soreness, terrible posture, leg spasms, stressed muscles and absolute weariness. Yikes! So here are some ways to combat all of that…

1. Upper shoulder and neck stretches

Loosen up your shoulders. Allow those constricted upper back and shoulder muscles total rest. Your shoulder blades will move down your back to some extent. From here, lean your head and neck to one side and sense the stretch on the reverse side. You can add a tender hand to your neck to help additionally stretch those parts.

2. ‘Marionette string’ seated posture

Take a high seat and imagine that you have a cord emerging from the upper part of your head that is hauling your spine in the air. Now you’re prepared to do numerous workouts and stretches as you heave your body upwards over and over.

3. Neck reversal

Put your chin down into your chest and then smoothly slip your head towards the back of your spine so it stretches toward the top of your cervical spine. It’ll feel like you’re thrusting the back of your head into a fictional cushion. Do this for several seconds and repeat five to ten times.

4. Utilize a lumbar backing

It can be one that you purchase and can blow up, or it can be a little cushion or wrapped towel… Insert this lumbar backing cushion right around your backside near the small of your back above the butt. Softly lean your pelvis frontwards. Now you’ve got added support as you sit in your seat.

5. Torso starter

Stand up and walk over to an entrance or a foyer where you can relax your forearm on the wall… And step half a pace headfirst leaning on the wall or doorway. You ought to feel the front of your torso and your pec muscles broadening. Experiment with various positions for a complete stretch.

6.  Scapular reversal

After stretching your neck and shoulders, move your shoulders headlong and in reverse to relax them. At that point, carry the bases of your shoulder blades down your back and gently towards midline. The upper part of your shoulders remain reclined. Stay like this for several seconds.

7. Keep things within easy reach

This might seem obvious… yet plenty of us overlook it. Organize your desk so that stuff you use the most is easily accessible. That way you’re not doing awkward reaches or bends to get at stuff.

If your shoulders and/or neck feels sore and you need some relief, consult a Wesley Chapel chiropractor at New Tampa Chiropractic for chiropractic therapy, spinal adjustment, chiropractic services, and chiropractor physical therapy. Please make an appointment at New Tampa Chiropractic by calling 813-994-6111.

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