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APR 2022
How Chiropractors Help Those Suffering From Knee Pain
Person Suffer from Knee Pain.

If you are struggling with a knee problem, the smallest task that used to be easy for you can suddenly become difficult. Knee pain sufferers face daily problems such as walking up the stairs, bending to climb the stairs, getting out of bed and even just taking a walk.

Knee pain is often very severe and can impact a person’s ability to operate the way they want to. Most people choose to endure the pain until it goes away, while others use pain relief medications to achieve temporary relief. However, chiropractic therapy can help you get back to your normal life and enjoy all daily activities as much as you want. There is no better option to take care of your knee problem than chiropractic treatment!

What Causes Knee Pain?

 Knee Pain

Chronic knee pain can happen due to many reasons, stopping you from enjoying some simple activities like playing soccer, tennis, racquetball or hiking.

Some problems a person can encounter that can lead to knee pain may include the following

Acute Injuries: There are several frequently occurring acute knee injuries, such as muscle strain, ligament sprain, puncture injuries and knee contusions. These acute injuries could happen in a number of ways, including playing sports, walking up or down a staircase or being in a car crash.

Flat Feet: The cause or condition of flat feet is when a person has a very low arch or no arch at all. Flat feet trigger knee pain because when the arch is flattened, both the femur and tibia are rotated on the inside, thereby adding an internal pressure on the knee and ultimately initiating and stimulating pain.

Back Nerve Squeeze: This normally occurs in the lower back, and it happens when the nerves transmitting painful sensations to the knees begin to spring in the lower back. It is a common cause due to injury and pain occurring when the disc in the region between the bones that make up the spinal column stick out and puts stress on the nerve, especially the sciatic nerve.

Chronic Injuries: Just like acute injuries, some people can suffer knee pain as a result of chronic injuries. Some people are most likely to face medical conditions that are quite severe, whereas they experience the degradation of the soft cartilage cushion between the lower leg and the upper leg bones. There are also common causes that can lead to this problem, and they include rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Other than this, lifestyle, obesity and posture issues can also have a great impact on chronic knee joint degradation.

When a person experiences painful knee problems, it is normally felt in different ways. Some people can feel an abnormal surging and pop in the affected region, which is later accompanied by a quickly occurring swell in the knee. However, other people can have different experiences, as the knee pain seems to develop very slowly. They can begin to feel weakness and stiffness of the knee only after a long period. Whether the pain is rapid or slow, it is not worth enduring, so a chiropractic physician can help you address the problem once and for all if you seek help.

Symptoms Of Knee Pain

The region where the pain is located in the knee and its severity may vary from person to person. There are a few symptoms that are commonly associated with chronic knee pain. They include the following:

  • Lack of stability or weakness with the knee
  • Swelling and stiffness in the knee
  • Difficulty in straightening the knee fully
  • Knee inflammation-causing warmness in the affected region
  • Clicking or popping sound

How Chiropractors Address Knee Pain

 Chiropractors for Knee Pain.

When you have a painful knee problem, the first thing your chiropractor will do is observe your gait or movement carriage. It is from this assessment that the chiropractor physician can ascertain the level of pressure mounted on your knees. Afterward, he or she will ask you some questions that relate to the cause of your chronic knee pain before setting up a treatment plan to realign your joint through several effective therapeutic methods, such as…

Spinal Adjustment:  This is carried out to correct an imbalance or misalignment of the spinal bones due to added pressure or stress on the joints and knees. With this treatment, a chiropractor applies gentle spinal adjustment massage to help a patient regain balance and alignment. It also helps in recovering all the functions of the knee and diminishes the intensity of wear and tear to the component structures of the knee.

Trigger Point Therapy: This is a type of treatment therapy carried out by a chiropractic physician to help in providing a remedy for a knee issue. The chiropractor uses the adequate application of pressure on the important areas affected by pain in order to eliminate discomfort and pain in the knee.

Posture Correction: Most cases of knee pain are traceable to poor posture and spinal misalignment. Bad posture can mount pressure on the joints and muscles. Your chiropractor helps you by using adjustment therapy to correct your bad posture.

Low-level Laser Therapy: This chiropractic therapy is otherwise known as “cold laser” therapy. It works by stimulating soft tissues and muscles of the knee to make blood flow well while slowing down inflammation and hastening the process of healing.

Ultrasound Therapy: This is a chiropractic therapy where a chiropractor uses an ultrasonic wave to massage the joints and muscles to relieve pain in the knee. It helps in the improvement of movement and reduces stiffness.


If you are suffering from knee pain, do not try to manage the problem by yourself. Contact a chiropractic clinic like New Tampa that has experts who can help you experience some much-needed relief. Make an appointment at New Tampa Chiropractic & Injury Center in Wesley Chapel, FL, by calling 813-994-6111.

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