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How Can A Chiropractor Help With Back Pain?

JUL 2020
How Can A Chiropractor Help With Back Pain?
How Can A Chiropractor Help With Back Pain

Millions of people suffer from back pain at some point. Most of these people directly consult doctors for testing back pain with an assumption that medication will alleviate the pain. If you are one of those people who consult a doctor for back pain, you’re not alone. But these medicines show a temporary effect. A recent survey found that almost 80 to 85% of people experience back pain severe enough to see a doctor at some point in their life. The back pain issues are so common, but still, the precise cause of pain is often unclear. The single best treatment for most back pain or low back pain is chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic is basically a health care profession dedicated to the non-surgical treatment of disorders of the nervous system and/or musculoskeletal system. 

Chiropractors Can Get Your Back On Track!

Modern chiropractic studies claim that back pain occurs due to the misalignment of the spine. Chiropractors make use of spinal manipulation or spinal adjustments to alleviate chronic body pain and provide comfort to the patient. The spinal manipulation treatment involves physical pushing, pulling, or methodical aligning of the head, shoulder, neck, back, or hips. Experienced chiropractors specify that spinal manipulation should be considered when the severe back pain doesn’t improve with prescribed medicines or self-care. Chiropractic adjustments are said to be beneficial in treating acute back pain.

Why You Should Consider Chiropractic Treatment For Treating Back Pain?

Chiropractic treatment is basically a holistic or whole-body approach to cure patients. Chiropractors not only treat the body pain but also counsel patients on diet, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle habits. The Chiropractic treatments generally take six to 12 visits over two to four weeks to get the desired results. Chiropractic treatment is conservative pain management is emphasized over drugs and surgery. Generally, a good chiropractor will refer patients to other medical professionals if the diagnosis is beyond the scope of his or her practice.

How Do Chiropractors Perform The Chiro Treatment?

Chiropractors basically focus on spinal adjustments. They perform spinal manipulation by using their hands or a device to apply a small amount of force-or a more forceful thrust-to readjust the bones in the spine and neck. Spinal manipulation is typically most effective when combined with more traditional therapies to treat back pain, such as

  • Heat and cold therapies
  • Massage
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Electrical stimulation or ultrasound
  • Exercise and stretching
  • Patient education

How Does Chiropractic Treatment Works To Alleviate Back Pain?

The regular chiropractic treatments put emphasis on spinal manipulation or spinal adjustments to eliminate the cause of the back pain. Chiropractors apply pressure at the target points or trigger points to treat the misalignment of the spine in order to aid the pain management and stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities. The realignment of the spine is thought to reduce pressure on the central nervous system. Normally, headaches and lower back pain are among the most common conditions treated by a chiropractor.

Initial process: The chiropractors perform a physical examination and note down the symptoms faced by the patient. These in-depth evaluations of x-rays and physical examination help the chiropractor to understand the condition of the patient and the cause behind the chronic back pain.

After the overall examination, the patient and chiropractor develop a treatment plan. The entire back pain management would require multiple visits over a long period to provide the best pain therapy.

The chiropractic treatment is a gradual process and you would have to visit the chiropractor multiple times. During each visit, the chiropractor may use forceful pressure on key parts of your back or other parts of your body to realign your spine and manage pain. The application of the pressure would be abrupt, sometimes it may be low and sometimes it may be high. The pressure can be delivered either by hand or by with the help of a specially designed instrument. Massage may also be incorporated into your treatment. You can have a conversation with your chiropractor to know about the different methods he/she likes to use before agreeing to a treatment plan.

You may also be given:

  • Nutritional supplements
  • A change in diet
  • Recommendations for physical activity
  • Hot and cold packs
  • Electrical stimulation


All the chiropractic treatment is based on an accurate diagnosis of your back pain. To get the best results from chiropractic care, you must inform your chiropractor regarding your medical history, including ongoing medical conditions, current medications, traumatic/surgical history, and lifestyle factors. 

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