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Effective Chiropractic Treatment Of The Spinal Cord

JUL 2020
Effective Chiropractic Treatment Of The Spinal Cord
Effective Chiropractic Treatment Of The Spinal Cord

Spinal cord injuries are not something that can be treated in a day. Getting good treatment for the spinal cord over time can help maintain and/or improve the proper functioning of the body. To get effective treatment for spinal cord pain and injuries, you should work with experienced and well-trained chiropractors.

When it comes to treating certain types of spinal cord injuries such as motor vehicle accidents and/or falls, chiropractic treatment can help. Spinal injuries can happen because a person lifts something improperly or makes an abrupt and awkward movement causing the spinal cord to compress. Pain in muscles starts when the spine of the body is compressed, twisted sideways, or pulled. This can impair blood supply, stretch tissues, pinch nerves, and damage ligaments, bone, and discs.

What Are Some Of The Common Signs & Symptoms of Spinal Cord Trauma?

A spinal cord injury is generally associated with back pain, paralysis, and other life-altering conditions. In simple words, damage caused to any part of your spinal cord can result in permanent damage and changes in strength and bodily sensations.

Some of the common signs and symptoms of a spinal cord injury are:

  • Loss of movement in the upper body or decrease in the range of motion
  • Loss of sensation, including the ability to feel heat and/or cold
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control
  • Pain or intense stinging along your spine
  • Difficulty breathing and clearing your lungs
  • Pain in the back, shoulders, arms, legs, or neck
  • Numbness or burning sensation around the spinal cord
  • Muscle spasms
  • Headaches and migraines

How Is Chiropractic Treatment Effective In Treating The Spinal Cord?

When chiropractic treatment is performed by licensed chiropractic physicians, you can witness great benefits such as a reduction in different types of back, neck, or joint pain. However, like any surgical procedure, therapy, or treatment, spinal manipulation can have serious health risks if performed incorrectly or if administered by a chiropractic physician who’s unfamiliar with non-rotational methods of manipulation.

Effective Chiropractic Treatment – Spinal Manipulation

Spinal Manipulation is the most effective chiropractic treatment for improving the misalignment of the spinal cord. Spinal manipulation is also referred to as Spinal Manipulative Therapy.  In this chiropractic technique, your chiropractor would make use of hands or advanced equipment to apply extreme pressure or a controlled thrust to a joint of your spine. The amount of force would actually vary depending on the level of pain the patient experiences. The thrust or pressure is applied to the spine so that it moves the joint in the right direction. Moreover, the pressure helps to alleviate the tension on the spinal cord and improves blood flow, which in turn reduces pain and encourages healing.

Chiropractors can also use the technique of spinal mobilization, which doesn’t involve a thrust and is performed within a joint’s natural range of motion. Chiropractors focus on realignment, reducing inflammation, and improving blood flow. Also, a chiropractor will recommend exercises and dietary changes that should be followed by the patient religiously.

Is spinal manipulation safe?

Spinal manipulation is relatively safe and effective when performed by a trained and licensed practitioner. Spinal manipulation does not have any major long-term side effects. There can be a few temporary side effects of spinal manipulation such as temporary muscle soreness, stiffness, or a temporary increase in pain. Spinal manipulation treatment requires a specific amount of time for recovery and healing of the body. It is a gradual process.


If you are continuously experiencing any of the signs and symptoms of a spinal cord injury, you should immediately consult your chiropractor. A well-trained and experienced chiropractor will help manipulate your body’s spinal cord using safe and corrective chiropractic techniques to help your body to naturally heal itself. Professional chiropractors make use of spinal manipulation treatments to restore the mobility of the body that was once lost. Spinal manipulation is considered a natural and non-invasive treatment, which makes it a great option for those suffering from spinal cord trauma.

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