Different Chiropractic Techniques For Different Health Issues

FEB 2021
Different Chiropractic Techniques For Different Health Issues
Different Chiropractic Needs For Different Health Issues

People used to think that chiropractors follow similar therapies for all health issues. But is that true? Chiropractic treatment includes a wide range of techniques and therapies for providing treatments for varied health issues. The use of the technique is dependent on the type of health issue(s) and health condition of the individual. Before suggesting any chiropractic treatment, the chiropractor would conduct physical tests including X-rays. They would also gather information regarding medical history. After their complete analysis, the chiropractor would then sit with the patient and customize a chiropractic treatment plan which would be effective and suitable for their particular body.

Here are some of the common chiropractic treatments chiropractors use…

#1 Chiropractic Therapy – Gonstead Technique:

With this chiropractic technique, the chiropractor uses their hands to apply pressure on the specific pressure points of the body. With hands-on pressure, the chiropractor tries to adjust the area of the lower and upper back and pelvis region. The pressure is applied sideways when the patient is asked to lie down on a particular side. While the pressure is applied to these specific regions, the realignment of the joints takes place, which in turn helps in decreasing the severity of the pain. This technique is also beneficial in reducing the stiffness of affected muscles and helps increase the flexibility of the body.

#2 Chiropractic Therapy – Activator Technique:Chiropractic Therapy - Activator Technique_

The activator chiropractic therapy or technique is a unique method which is based on using a handheld device for adjusting the spine and affected muscles. With this technique, pressure is applied to impact a gentle push to the nerves of the vertebral component. This pressure would reach the spine and try to stabilize the affected muscles. The patient might feel a thumping pressure or sensation for a few minutes. After the first few sessions, the patient feels the stiffness and pain receding from the body. Activator chiropractic therapy is beneficial for overcoming severe headaches and migraines. This technique, for instance, is often used to help senior citizens get rid of chronic headaches.

#3 Chiropractic Therapy – Soft Tissue Technique: 

This chiropractic therapy basically refers to the sophisticated massage of the soft tissues of the body. The chiropractor identifies the affected areas and pained muscles and massages the area with gentle pressure. With this pressure, the chiropractor will focus on releasing unwanted toxins from the body through the directional flow of blood. In this way, the soft tissues of the body, such as ligaments, tendons, fascia, and joints, get relief from pain. This technique is helpful when the muscles are experiencing pain due to a routine workload, overuse of the muscles, and various other chronic muscle conditions. The soft tissue technique is quite helpful for athletes who are working out daily and playing rough sports.

#4 Chiropractic Therapy – Thompson Technique:Chiropractic Therapy – Thompson Technique_

With Thompson chiropractic therapy, the chiropractor makes use of a drop table for improving the effectiveness of the therapy. With the help of a drop table, it’s easier for the chiropractor to apply low amplitude/high-velocity force to affected muscles. With this technique, chiropractors can reduce the wear/tear of the muscles. Pressure is applied by an advanced dropping device. The Thompson technique is used for pediatric wellness, chronic back pain, pregnancy care, and also for correcting neck curvature.


Chiropractors make use of a wide range of chiropractic therapies to help you get the right treatment for your health issues. These are some of the most commonly used chiropractic therapies and techniques used by chiropractors to overcome different ailments and get patients back to their normal life.