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JAN 2020
Chiropractor Care For Your Well Being

When you visit the chiropractor’s office, it’s a lot like visiting any doctor’s office. You’ll probably fill out paperwork. You’ll be asked questions and given tests. The chiropractor will treat you and then offer a follow-up plan. Most appointments take about a half an hour or so. 

What occurs during the admission? 

You’ll fill out some paperwork and answer some questions about how you’re feeling… Where are you experiencing pain? What does it feel like? 

What occurs during the physical test? 

The chiropractor will want to test how you move. How are your reflexes? Does it hurt when a certain body part moves? Could your back pain be connected to something going on with your neck? The chiropractor will perform tests to determine what’s truly going on. Sometimes X-rays may be taken.

What goes into a treatment plan? 

Following the evaluations, the chiropractor will build up a treatment plan that considers: 

  • The degree of your damage or disturbance
  • Your general well-being 
  • The state of your spine as influenced by age and past damage 
  • What your objectives are

What is a common treatment? 

“Adjustments” are normally the focal point of chiropractic treatment. A chiropractor will likely use a little tool that looks like a pen to touch certain parts of your body. Sometimes the chiropractor will use their hands. There are several different techniques used to adjust the spine which will restore proper motion in the spine and help reduce your symptoms. Care plans will vary from case to case as your body or problem is not the same as everyone else; Most likely, though, you’ll be asked to make a series of appointments spread out over a couple weeks. Chiropractors may also give you advice on what kind of shoes to wear, pillows to use, how to lose weight, etc., with the idea that overall health and well-being is one of the ultimate goals of your chiropractic care. 

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