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Chiropractic Care Year-Round 

FEB 2020
Chiropractic Care Year-Round 
Chiropractic Care Year-Round 

No matter what the season, chiropractic care can help a person relieve their pain.

Summer fun:

Summer comes with lots of pleasure and fun in the sun with plenty of outdoor games. But it also brings pain caused by sports injuries and falls. Walking, running, cycling, swimming, rock climbing and other outdoor activities can end up causing people pain… A chiropractor helps your body recover from injuries and falls sustained during summer.

Lift Your Immune System:

When the weather turns colder, that’s when kids go to school and vacations are over… Most adults are at work in a setting where they’re around other people. So, it’s important to take good care of your immune system to avoid getting sick, or worse– the flu! Drink lots of water, wash your hands with soap often, and eat healthy and nutritious foods this time of year.

Remain Active: 

Your body needs to move… and too many people become couch potatoes during certain times of the year when it’s easier to stay inside and watch TV for hours on end. Instead of doing that… go for an energetic stroll outside three to five times each week. Walk for a good 20 minutes to get your pulse going, and continue doing the exercises you love to keep your bones, joints and muscles healthy. When you “stay active,” you’ll relieve tension and stress, tone up your body, sleep better and feel more alive each day!

Make time for check-ups: 

Chiropractic therapies can improve your stance, alleviate pain and improve nerve functions. Visiting the chiropractor regularly throughout the year can bolster your immunity while diminishing pains, and assist you with better skills in overcoming  stress. It’s a good idea to get into the routine of regular “check-ups” with a chiropractor for optimal health. If you want to feel better, make an appointment with New Tampa Chiropractic and Injury Center by calling 813-994-6111.

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