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FEB 2020
Do you find yourself staring down at your mobile “smart” phone for interminable hours? You might have what’s called “text neck.” It’s neck pain sustained in this context. It doesn’t matter if the device in question is a tablet, phone or any wireless device... basically you are staring at it for too long! If a patient complains of severe back pain and specifically upper back pain it could be because s/he is sitting for hours hunched over the phone!
FEB 2020
A chiropractor usually comes to mind when faced with back pain. But chiropractic care isn’t just for relieving back pain. It can help with a number of health issues. Many people have found that their digestive system, cardiovascular health and immune system show good signs of improvement with consistent chiropractic care. Chiropractic treatment is a natural, drug-and-surgery free option to good health in many respects. Here are some other things besides back pain that chiropractic care can...
JAN 2020
When you visit the chiropractor’s office, it’s a lot like visiting any doctor’s office. You’ll probably fill out paperwork. You’ll be asked questions and given tests. The chiropractor will treat you and then offer a follow-up plan. Most appointments take about a half an hour or so.  What occurs during the admission?  You’ll fill out some paperwork and answer some questions about how you’re feeling… Where are you experiencing...
JAN 2020
Some people will avoid chiropractors at all costs until they are so desperate for relief that they “give in” and go; Some people take a preventative approach and decide to see their chiropractor regularly-- on a weekly basis, for example. When’s the right time, then, to see a chiropractor? Agony
JAN 2020
New Year’s resolutions-- gotta love them, right? How many people join a gym in the first week of January, go a few times, and by February, they’ve forgotten their membership? One reasonable resolution you can make, though, is to say goodbye to pain. A key aspect to improving overall health is to keep body pain and sore muscles in check. Current lifestyle studies reveal that people sitting at desks all day as well as those involved in sports suffer with a general body ache...
JAN 2020
If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve experienced that dull, bothersome throb in the lower back… Or that shooting pain in the shoulders... Here are 6 hints from your New Tampa Chiropractor to sidestep tormenting pain:  Exercise routinely and with care  Consistent exercise is one of the most straightforward ways to help you keep up your health and well-being. Focus on “cardio”...
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