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JAN 2020
New Year’s resolutions-- gotta love them, right? How many people join a gym in the first week of January, go a few times, and by February, they’ve forgotten their membership? One reasonable resolution you can make, though, is to say goodbye to pain. A key aspect to improving overall health is to keep body pain and sore muscles in check. Current lifestyle studies reveal that people sitting at desks all day as well as those involved in sports suffer with a general body ache...
JAN 2020
If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve experienced that dull, bothersome throb in the lower back… Or that shooting pain in the shoulders... Here are 6 hints from your New Tampa Chiropractor to sidestep tormenting pain:  Exercise routinely and with care  Consistent exercise is one of the most straightforward ways to help you keep up your health and well-being. Focus on “cardio”...
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