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Advantages of Chiropractic Treatment For Spinal Stenosis

JUL 2020
Advantages of Chiropractic Treatment For Spinal Stenosis
Advantages of Chiropractic Treatment For Spinal Stenosis

Do you have a long history of back problems? Are you suffering from chronic back pain? If the answer is yes, then this is the right time to visit your chiropractor and get yourself examined. Your chiropractor will physically examine your body and confirm whether you are suffering from spinal stenosis or not. Spinal stenosis is an extremely painful condition that can disrupt your life.

People might suggest you undergo surgery and get rid of spinal stenosis, but surgery is not always necessary. The evidence shows that chiropractic methods may be highly effective in reducing pain and restoring the function of the body.

What Is Spinal Stenosis?

In medical terms, spinal stenosis is a serious condition that is caused by the narrowing of the spinal canal. The name of this condition is actually derived from the Greek word “stenosis” which means “choking.” Spinal stenosis is very common for older people. People over 50 can experience spinal stenosis due to the natural wear and tear on spinal discs and vertebrae. This wear and tear results in the gradual degeneration of the spinal discs.

The Role Of The Spinal Canal in Spinal Stenosis

The spinal canal is an essential part of the internal body that encapsulates the spinal cord. It is also the main component of the central nervous system and various soft tissues such as ligaments and tendons. It also acts as the protective membrane of the spinal cord. Normally, the average size of the spinal canal is 14 mm. However, approximately 10mm of the canal is occupied by the spinal cord and soft tissue, leaving little room for other components.

With age, the vertebrae of the spinal cord may develop arthritis or joint pain. This leads to bulging in the intervertebral discs. Moreover, the ligaments that connect the vertebrae may buckle up to increase tension on the supporting muscles. These subsequent changes in the body can lead to spinal stenosis, which causes the space within the spinal canal to narrow. Basically, spinal stenosis can occur at three different levels of the spine. It is more prevalent in the lumbar spine and the cervical spine.

What Are The Symptoms Of Spinal Stenosis?

The symptoms of lumbar stenosis slightly differ from those of cervical stenosis.

Symptoms of Lumbar Stenosis

  • Extreme lower back pain and general back pain
  • Weakness in either leg or the foot
  • Cramping in either leg when standing for long durations of time
  • Difficulty in climbing stairs, walking, or while walking up hills

Symptoms of Cervical Stenosis

  • Severe neck pain
  • Legs/feet, arms/hands always have a tingling sensation or numbness
  • Unable to maintain proper balance or difficulty faced while walking
  • In severe cases, urinary urgency is also noted

How Chiropractic Treatment Can Be Used to Improve Spinal Stenosis

Chiropractic treatments can be extremely beneficial for treating spinal stenosis. During the first visit, your professional chiropractor would identify the actual cause and treat that underlying cause of this condition. Your chiropractor can provide relief to the affected area and alleviate the pain through different techniques. The chiropractic techniques used by the experts might include stretches, strengthening exercises, and/or spinal adjustment(s). These chiropractic methods are quite effective to remove the pressure, alleviate muscular tightness, increase range of motion, improve posture, and reduce pain.

Some benefits of chiropractic treatment for spinal stenosis:

  • Natural pain relief: Why opt for addictive medications or a painful surgery when you can relieve pain in the most natural form?
  • Zero recovery time: Since chiropractic treatment for spinal stenosis involves zero surgery, there’s simply no reason for you to skip work and lay on the bed waiting for your body to recover from an operation. You can seek chiropractic care before or after your work hours and continue with your daily life as usual.
  • Zero addiction to pain medications: When you choose licensed practitioners from New Tampa Chiropractic, you no longer have to worry about prescriptions to addictive pain medications whatsoever.


Spinal stenosis is a common yet often ignored condition until the later stages. People who suffer from this condition are well aware of the pain this disease can cause yet choose to ignore the early symptoms, thereby opting for surgery as a last resort. However, did you know that chiropractic treatment for spinal stenosis is one of the best possible remedies for this disease? With spinal stenosis, chiropractors can provide immediate relief from pain while eliminating the need for painful medications and surgery.

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